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Fuel Polishing

Back-up systems can be vital for a business or organisation and they must be ready to respond as soon as they are required. When fuel is stored it can degrade and become contaminated this in turn damages the engines of your backup systems. A fuel maintenance system allows you to keep your fuel's quality in an excellent condition for years with minimal maintenance costs.

Automatic advanced fuel maintenance system
that will keep your fuel and your fuel tank clean and ready to respond.

Automatic fuel polishing maintenance system

Two filters to remove water and contaminants

Two filters to remove water and contaminents from fuel

Fully managed by our control system which also allows communication with your main facility control system or wireless communication service

Fully managed control system

Benefits of our fuel polishing system

  • Keep your fuel clean and good as a new fuel for many years
  • Gives you full control of your fuel's condition
  • Ensures your emergency system will support your needs when an electric power outage occurs
  • Eliminates tank cleaning and tank maintenance costs
  • Avoids fuel loses
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Real-time warning system
  • Heavy-duty design with full warranties
  • Fully automatic

Discover more - download our brochure

Fuel Polishing System Brochure

Storing Fuel

Diesel fuel can easily become contaminated while it is being stored, find out how this affects the fuel and the machinery and how fuel polishing systems can help keep the fuel clean and ready for use

Find out more about storing fuel and how it becomes contaminated. 

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