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Diesel Generator Range

At SPG we have the experience and knowledge to help you with any backup power solution and will ensure you get the generator which matches your requirements, we offer a complete service including installation, maintenance, generator removal and fuel polishing systems. We will ensure you have the systems in place and ready for any emergency.  SPG understand that when you are sourcing a diesel generator, that the quality, availability, fuel consumption, budget, or emissions can play a vital role is decision making and we can recommend the generator that is most suited to your needs.

We offer a wide selection of diesel generators in a wide selection of sizes both open and canopied and from a range of manufacturers to help you find the solution for your requirements. If you can't see the right generator please let us get in touch and our team will help you find what you need.

What are Diesel Generators?

Standby Power Generation provide diesel powered generators. Diesel generators are a versatile and cost effective way of providing backup power in case of a power outage. Compared to gasoline, propane and LP gas generators, diesel generators are safer to use and to store as it is less flammable and explosive.

Diesel generators are used in many industries from retail, offices, factories, hospitals, datacentres and other services, because of their outstanding reliability, cost effectiveness and flexibility. 


A train or a tram service can be disrupted from a power outage and can create unnecessary problems such as financial losses and irritated customers. However with the help of diesel generators it can supply emergency power to back up the operation which is useful for any business that involves the public.

Hospitals / Veterinary Hospitals

Power is extremely important to hospitals, especially when peoples lives can be affected. Life support machines and basic operations must be continuous, and must have a supply of continuous power, and with a power outage occurs it can stall the operations. Veterinary hospitals also need a continuous supply of power. Diesel generators can help to provide instant backup power in case of a power outage and can help to continue necessary operations.


Datacentres also need emergency backup power during a blackout as they need to continue operations and protect electronic equipment. A diesel power backup generator automatically turns on in case of power failure and shuts off when power is restored, this is a basic need for datacentres.

Retail Outlets / Offices / Factories

A power outage will prevent most retail outlets, offices and factories from functioning, having a solution in place either by having a generator installed or a service such as our Emergency Power Plan will ensure that you are backup and running quickly with minimal disruption.


For homes that experience frequent power cuts a diesel generator can be a lifeline, with auto start facilities when a power cut occurs the generator will have your home powered again within seconds.